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How Should Eyeglasses Fit?

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Picking out new frames and lenses can be an exciting time. It’s an opportunity for you to put your unique style on display and get the vision correction you need. Your glasses should fit correctly and comfortably, and your optometrist can help.

The first step is scheduling your comprehensive eye exam to ensure your eyeglasses are providing the right level of vision correction for your needs. 

Let’s take a closer look at how your eyeglasses should fit and how consistent eye exams play a part in your comfort.

How Should Your Glasses Fit?

Getting the fit right for your glasses is crucial—you’ll be wearing them frequently, after all. When your eyeglasses fit properly and comfortably, you most likely won’t give them much thought. However, if you notice they’re crooked and sliding down your nose, then it’s probably time for an adjustment.

The good news is that you can visit your optometrist to get the fit just right. Glasses are a physical item, so there are a number of things that can go wrong that require adjustment. 

Let’s explore some reasons why your eyeglasses may need adjustment. 

Crooked Glasses

If you’re dealing with crooked glasses, it may indicate that one of the temples, or arms, is angled too low or too high from the rim of the glasses, or one of the arms has been bent and no longer rests comfortably on your ear.

Your eye care professional can help readjust your crooked glasses or help you find a new pair that meets your needs. 

Tight or Loose Temples

If your glasses’ temples or arms feel straight but are too tight or loose, they may need some extra adjustments. Most temples should bend at around a 45-degree angle behind your ear, so tight or loose temples may be the source of your discomfort. 

Loose Glasses Hinges

The arms of your glasses connect to the rim through a small hinge held in place by tiny screws. If this hinge starts to become worn and loose, that can cause discomfort and even damage your glasses.

Your optometrist can help adjust those loose hinges and get that precise fit you’ve been accustomed to.

Uncomfortable Nose Pads

Nose pads are important! They’re responsible for keeping your glasses in place and positioned correctly and comfortably. If your nose pads are too tight or loose, you may start noticing your glasses resting too high on your nose or sliding down frequently. 

Getting the comfort just right for your glasses is essential, and a regular eye exam schedule can help.

A female optician is helping a teenage boy choose the eyeglasses he fits well.

How Regular Eye Exams Can Help

A big part of your regular eye exam is getting an updated prescription for your glasses. Along with an updated prescription, your optometrist can help you find the right pair of glasses that fit properly and comfortably. 

During your exam, your eye doctor will discuss your vision with you and conduct a series of tests designed to pinpoint your visual needs and provide you with an accurate lens prescription. 

Frequent changes in your prescription can require an adjustment to your lenses, and your optometrist can determine the right lens prescription for your needs all in one visit. 

Following the exam process, you’ll be able to explore a wide variety of designer frames and lenses to find one that matches your style and personality. 

Your Comfort Is Key

Your eyeglasses play an important role in your life, and your comfort is essential. If you notice your glasses starting to fit improperly or you experience discomfort, it’s important to schedule a visit to your optometrist and get the proper adjustments made.

Book an appointment with our team at Hercules Optometric Group and get the right fit for your eyeglasses today.

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